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If you’re an ESL English teacher living and teaching English in Italy, the Insegnanti-Inglese site was made for you. If you’ve lived in Italy for a while you’ll already know that even in the big cities like Rome or Milan, teaching English might be a rewarding job, it’s not usually very well paid. The reality is that if you only work for a school, you’ll always struggle to earn enough money. If you want to increase your income, you need private students. We are English teachers ourselves, and so we know that finding private students is often easier said than done, so we created Insegnanti-Inglese to help solve the problem. Insegnanti-Inglese provides a professional and trustworthy platform which allows independent English teachers to find students who are looking for private English lessons. It’s that simple.

Why Insegnanti-Inglese

Insegnanti-Inglese was created by a small group of ESL English teachers with experience of teaching in Italy and other countries around Europe. The reality of teaching English in Italy is that many English teachers struggle to earn a decent income because language schools don’t pay well and private work isn’t always difficult to find.

Many teachers start out working for schools; some because they need an employment contract to obtain residence, and some because having an employment contract gives a sense of security. Unfortunately, most teachers are employed on short-term project contracts, or similar, which means they don’t have a guaranteed salary and don’t get sick pay or holiday pay. In other words, they have no more security than a self-employed teacher. We learned this the hard way, and didn’t like it.

Before setting up Insegnanti-Inglese we asked our teaching colleagues how they went about finding private students. Most advertised on crappy little free-ad websites or put up notices in local shops, which was never effective, and some had tried poaching students from the schools they worked for, but that’s not very ethical.

So, we created and to promote freelance teachers in those two cities. Within a year these sites were generating more enquiries than any language school in either city. Pleased with the results, we decided to create Insegnanti-Inglese to promote private English teachers, both bilingual and mothertongue, across the whole country. And so, you’re reading this.

What does it cost?

Your membership subscription will cost €20 a year. There are no other fees at all; we don’t charge percentages or anything of the kind.

Teacher Registration

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Why register?

It’s an obvious question, now that registration is no longer free, but a better question is ‘Why not?’ The annual registration fee costs less than the average teacher earns for one hour of lessons. So, unless you get less than one hour of lessons in a year, you can’t lose. Obviously, teachers in big cities like Rome and Milan will get more enquiries than those living in less-populated areas, and will be able to charge more, but it beats the hell out of advertising on free-ad websites where you have to compete with idiots offering their services for €10 an hour!

Once registered as a teacher on Insegnanti-Inglese, you will be added to our teacher directory and be given your own teacher profile page, where potential students can read about you, your experience, what lessons you provide, when and where you are available, how much you charge, and so on. Then, if students want to get in touch with you, they can email you directly from your profile page. A lot more effective than sticking adverts in shop windows…

Basato sui nostri siti MilanoInglese e RomaInglese, Insegnanti-Inglese nasce per aiutare a promuovere insegnanti di inglese indipendenti e per aiutare persone come voi a trovare un insegnante privato d’inglese che vive e lavora nella vostra città.