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Before you write…

If you are having trouble completing your teacher profile, please be sure to read the notes on the teacher registration page to see if they help.

Profile not visible?

If you have submitted your profile but it isn’t visible, it means it hasn’t been approved yet – every profile is manually checked prior to approval to ensure it complies with our requirements. This is usually done within 24-48 hours but can take longer during holiday periods (like you, we don’t work 24-7).

Changes not visible?

If you made changes to your profile and can’t see them when you visit your listing, it can be for a couple of reasons. Firstly, log out of the site. Then clear your browser cache / browser history and then refresh the page. This website also uses caching software and this can mean (on occasions) that visitors are shown cached (saved copies) versions of pages, and this can sometimes take several hours to update. Chrome has several faults, one of which is an infuriating habit of refusing to allow users to properly clear their browser caches. If you’re using chrome, open a different browser, clear its history/cache and then look at your page. Sometimes, things invisible in Chrome are perfectly visible in other browsers.

Need to cancel your registration?

To avoid people making mistakes, we do not allow teachers to delete profiles. If you no longer wish to be registered on the site, send us an email asking us to delete you. You can also follow the ‘stopping email enquiries’ advice below.

Stopping email enquiries

If you are fully booked and can’t accept any more enquiries, go to your profile page and delete your ‘enquiries’ email address. If the enquiries email box is empty, the contact form on your profile listing (which allows people to contact you) is automatically disabled. To reactivate it in future, simply add an email address for enquiries, and the form will reappear.

For anything else, complete the form below.

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